John Korasie 30km – Simons Town

As part of my training for the Cape Town Marathon in September I did the John Korasie 30km run around Simons Town. This race is one of only three 30km events held in Cape Town (the others being the ‘Bay to Bay’ held in January and the ‘Tygerberg’ held in March).

As a regular Cape Argus cycle race ‘recreational participant’ (I think it would be inappropriate to say competitor ~ my only aim on the Cape Argus is to finish) I must admit I was quite excited to be going down Smitswinkel Bay!

The race day weather was fantastic, and the views over False Bay going up Red Hill and then going down Smitswinkel were fantastic – I now understand why this race was so highly recommended (as part of my training programme).

There was a fantastic turnout for the race, but unfortunately there was a shortage of water which lead to some upset runners and (volunteer) marshals…. alas no one is perfect.

I will be running this race again and hopefully this time the family will join me; maybe not for the run but to spend the afternoon in Simons Town, walking through the town, going for a swim at one of the beaches and of course for lunch: fish ‘n chips.


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