Cape Town MTB Challenge 55km

I really enjoyed this mountain bike challenge, it was a lovely event with some fantastic single track. I think the guys, read trail builders, at Dirtopia have been doing a stellar job creating the single tracks in this part of Stellenbosch (Greater Simonsberg Conservancy).

The route goes through several farms, primarily wine estates, including Arra, Delheim, Delvera, Kanonkop, Knorhoek, Le Bonheur, Laibach, Muratie, Quoin Rock, Uitkyk and Warwick – damn, some fine wines!

I did the 55km route this year, while it was probably a bit long for my fitness level, the atmosphere, chilled riders on the route, fine weather and support/refreshment stops helped make this worth the extra slog and by the end I still have reserves in the tank ~ I was tempted to go for a short run to make up for my lack of distance this week but nothing beats a fine cup of coffee with the family in the late afternoon, and the kids generally let me have some of their frozen yogurt – bonus.

I was happy to do the event within 5hours but need to improve for next year.

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