Saldanha Bay 21km run


My brother came down for a short holiday in South Africa and we decided to do one formal (recognized) run during his stay. I used to work in the Saldanha region (Saldanha Steel & Namakwa Sands), the spring flowers have started to bloom and I have always been intrigued by the Naval academy at Saldanha, hence the Saldanha Bay half marathon seemed like a lovely event to do – and it was.

The weather once again was fantastic, the start initially a circular 5km run around the ‘entrance’ of the base was a bit dull, but then we ran past the academy with an old Impala jet mounted at the parade ground, then up to the top of a hill overlooking the Saldanha Bay area and finally a 10km loop through the nature reserve behind the academy with views over the Atlantic. It was a great run through the ‘veld’ and I got to enjoy the company of an awesome individual, it was also my brothers first visit to Cape Town in 4 years!

The run was a training run, part of my preparation for the Cape Town marathon, and we ran it in 2 hours flat.


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